About me


Nancy Chalmers, otherwise known as Jungle Shakti, is a certified Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist & Yoga Teacher. She is also a qualified Reiki practitioner specialising in chakra balancing, Shakti energy work, and creative visualisation techniques. An Australian native who makes her home wherever there is sun, sand and jungle, Nancy is a true gypsy-nomad, going wherever the tropical breeze takes her and currently lives in Bali. She follows the Bhakti Yoga tradition (the yoga of love and devotion!), is a passionate vegan, and a lover of life! She pulls from all these experiences to assist you in connecting to the divine and attracting deep transformation, healing and joy into your life.

Currently teaching yoga and hosting wellness retreats in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bali and throughout Asia, Nancy shares her adventures daily on Instagram and her blog, where you'll find delicious vegan recipes, travel tips and inspiration from her life as a luxury traveller, food-lover and all-round wild thing!

Shakti is the primordial cosmic energy that flows through the entire universe, sometimes referred to as 'The Great Divine Mother'. In it's most mysterious and significant form, Kundalini, Shakti is also a powerful psycho-spiritual force. Whenever we connect with nature, with peace and gratitude in our hearts, we tap into this energy. So get on with yo' bad self and feel that jungle power!

Eat plants. Radiate love. Be a goddess.


Upcoming Events

Join me in the jungle for a series of transformational retreats and workshops focused on stimulating deep healing and realising your inner Shakti. Enhance your yoga practice, explore meditation techniques, learn to create delicious recipes from raw living foods, drink sacred cacao under the light of the full moon, attract abundance through mantra, or express your creative side as we walk together through the chakra rainbow.

My retreats and workshops are designed for small groups to keep the experience intimate and amazing for each and every student. The accomodation, whilst set in remote and exotic locations, is always luxe. I've often been dubbed a 'fancy yogi' – no grass mats and mud huts for me! And the food, well, the food is my passion! Each menu is lovingly curated by yours truly to be the ultimate experience in compassionate, healing cuisine, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.