Shakti Retreats: March Glow Weekend


Well, it's just over a week since my first Glow Weekend Retreat and I'm still glowing! I recently shared a post about discovering my dharma, and feeling as if my life's purpose is to heal, transform and love – not only myself, but others too. I certainly felt like this past weekend was a great leap forward for me in realising that dream and following my heart. It has led me here, to magical Sri Lanka, to teach the healing arts; and last weekend, I was truly blessed to share a milestone moment in my journey with nine beautiful souls. What pure bliss to have these kindred spirits arrive in the jungle last Friday for a weekend of yoga, meditation, mantra, compassionate cuisine, beauty rituals, art classes and, of course, a powerful full moon cacao ceremony. I could not have been happier or more grateful!


After a delicious welcome lunch, we began our weekend's healing journey with a gentle Yin Yoga session. The theme was 'Hanuman's Heart'. With Saturday being Hanuman's birthday, and with the intention to open our hearts and make leaps of faith in life and love, we worked deep into our hips and hearts as the energy began to flow. Next, we enjoyed a luscious 'Glowing Body' beauty ritual and tea ceremony in the shala, learning to release stress and tension with Ayurvedic facial massage and energy-imbued aromatherapy from Synthesis Organics. Completely blissed out, we enjoyed an indulgent five-course vegan dinner on the balcony, under the light of the twinkling stars.


There was time to chill and chat in the pool with my soul sisters on Saturday, after stirring up some magic in our morning Vinyasa Flow class (dedicated to the full moon and releasing our deep inner magic and intuition). We also performed some culinary sorcery in the kitchen with a Raw Vegan 'Un-Cooking' Class, making goji berry, toasted coconut and almond chocolates and creamy chive and cheddar cheese dips. We almost couldn't fit in lunch – but, of course we did. Since we were served even more divine vegan cuisine – green smoothies, home-made gluten free kurakkan bread and berry chia jam, cheesy polenta wedges with vegetables in a light coconut curry, red rice balls with papaya salsa and tamarind jam, and papaya sorbet... I'll stop before my drool hits the keyboard!


On Saturday evening, after a twilight Yang/Yin Yoga class invoking our inner 'Jungle Spirit' we enjoyed a Sacred Cacao Ceremony under the light of the full moon. We sipped decadently rich, ceremonial-grade cacao prepared with raw ingredients from the Amazon, inhaling the aroma of the chocolate and filling our senses as we invoked the spirit of 'Mama Cacao', releasing negative energies and setting positive intentions for the coming moon cycle. Another 5-course dinner was enjoyed with our new-found soul mates and it was off to bed to dream wild, sweet dreams.


In Sunday morning's Hatha Vinyasa class, we explored asanas inspired by my homeland, Australia, and it's ancient 'Dreamtime' legend. After that, it was time for a Making Magic Workshop, where we practiced 'manifestation' through creative visualisation and a Yoga Nidra meditation. Finally, we took a wander through the chakra rainbow in one final guided meditation before taking up our paint brushes to get creative around the kitchen table. 

After a delicious farewell lunch (we brought out the kurakkan pizzas with beetroot hummus – yasss!), it was time to say goodbye. I honestly felt like I was saying goodbye to nine old friends, and in the quiet space that followed, I reflected on just how beautifully each and every one of us had connected. I only hope that, like me, each time they think back on this weekend, they begin to glow a little brighter!

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Photos by: Valerie Minville & Dushan Jayasinghe