Shakti Eats: Two Trees Eatery


There are so many things I love about Two Trees Eatery, but the story of it's co-creators is especially cute! Two girls of the same age, growing up in the same small town in the South West of France, with the same friends and same interests... yet they had never met. 30 years later, they found each other in paradise and have been inseparable ever since! They describe this magical meeting beautifully on their website: "two seeds which were planted in the same soil, got blown away by the wind in the same direction and were waiting to meet and grow together, like two beautiful trees in a spiritual land".

And together, they have created something truly unique and special! It may just be my favourite café in the 'Gu – and, if you've been around this scene a bit, you'll know that's a BIG call! There's just something about the flavours here! Every dish is lovingly curated with only the best ingredients. You can really tell that attention to detail is important – from the presentation to the unique flavour pairings, the decor (there's a bazillion beautiful plants so you feel like you're having lunch in a sunny little garden!) to the menu design.

But what to eat? Well, gee! There's so many great vegan options – there's a vegan chickpea omelette with thyme baby potatoes, spinach and vegan melting mozzarella (hello!), the 'Magic Mushroom' gourmet sandwich on country sourdough with rocket and vegan parmesan, the 'Sunny Days' smoothie with superfoods turmeric and coconut oil (sure to leave you feeling full of sunshine!), the 'Nori Burrito' with BBQ tempeh, some of Bali's most rockin' Kombucha, Watermelon Poke bowls and... then there's 'The Cacao Ceremony'. A raw cacao, date and chia seed slice with sweet potato ice cream, fresh coconut and raspberry salad. Mic drop.

Gosh, I'm so glad those two beautiful Frenchies, Chloe and Laura, found each other. Thank you for delighting my tastebuds and making my new island home that little bit more special. See you there, 'Gu gang!

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Two Trees Eatery
99, Jl. Pantai Berawa, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Bali