Shakti Stories: Falling in love with Synthesis Organics


I made a promise to myself at the start of this year that I would seek out businesses whose values and ethics aligned with mine and offer to help them in whatever way I can! I've been blessed with many creative skills and want to use this to make the world a better place! So I've been fortunate to be involved in making and photographing recipes for organic food producers, designing graphics for non-profit organisations, and now, am working with Synthesis Organics to promote their vegan, organic, energy-imbued skincare made in the heart of my native homeland, Australia.

I'm so passionate about what this brand stands for, and I have quite the crush on its creator! It is everything that speaks to me – the ingredients are so pure – and they even give back to mother nature wherever possible – for example, by planting a tree in the Daintree for each jar of Rainforest Body Polish that is sold. Honestly, this is skincare with heart.

"In discovering more about the innate healing capacity of the body, and the desire to live in conscious harmony, so too grew a profound sense of responsibility for the sacred gift of life, a passion for truth and the care of the earth and all living things." – THEME RAINS

As well as doing no harm, Synthesis Organics deliver results – with clinically tested bio-actives, as well as nature’s time-tested botanicals, proven to make a visible difference to the skin.

What's even more amazing is that the pure love (that seems to vibrate in every drop), is easy to apply in a simple beauty ritual – designed to release layers of stress and tension, promote balance, and evoke the youthful radiance of an overflowing heart. I call it the 'Glowing Body Beauty Ritual' and you can do it yourself with almost any of the Synthesis Organics products (but my favourite is the Brighten Beauty Tisane and the Soothe Cleansing Oil). 

Don't forget that you can use the code JUNGLESHAKTI10 for 10% off all Synthesis Organics products (they ship internationally!). It's like a little care package from Australia!