Shakti Stories: Rukgala, my new jungle home!


In case you didn't know, 2017 took me on an incredible journey – from my familiar home in Melbourne, Australia to the wild, chaotic, spiritual, beautiful, magical island of serendipity – Sri Lanka. After travelling around working as a digital nomad for almost a year, I felt a strong pull to follow my purpose – to move further towards realising the Jungle Shakti dream of healing others through plant medicine, yoga and connecting with the spirit.

The incredible opportunity arose to work together with the owners of a brand new boutique wellness retreat on the outskirts of Kandy – Sri Lanka's spiritual heart – surrounded by jungles, mountains and lakes. Naturally, I jumped at the chance and, after completing further studies in Bhakti yoga and Reiki energy work, moved up to Rukgala on January 1st to help open this incredible retreat space.

Now, you'll find me living my dream here at beautiful Rukgala – where exotic birds play in the trees, moonlight shimmers on the lake at night, and fireflies dance along with me in the yoga shala. Together with my talented other half, and with the help of some fantastic Sri Lankan chefs, I have designed a healing, high-vibrational menu that features locally sourced ingredients, rare Sri Lankan superfoods and Ayurvedic plant medicines (a first in Sri Lanka!).

I have also begun hosting my own retreats – a dream of mine for many years now – focusing on healing on a cellular level through yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices, self-care rituals and plant-based nutrition. Each retreat is aimed at helping guests re-discover their own inner 'Shakti' for lasting happiness, beauty, longevity and vitality!

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