Shakti Stays: Kurundu House


Just as it always seems to happen in serendipitous Sri Lanka, little surprises like Kurundu House appear by accidental "island magic" (like an oasis in the desert!), just when you need them the most! Nestled into the scenic hillside on the southern shores of Kandy's Victoria Lake lies a tranquil oasis for travellers seeking a place to unwind and rejuvenate in blissful privacy. A boutique design hotel, with just four rooms, Kurundu House is carefully crafted by Jeffrey Bawa Award-winning architect Pradeep Kodikara. Situated about 45 minutes from Kandy in the serene village of Nithulemada, it feels like a secret hideaway – and was exactly what I needed!

The contemporary design blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment, the open lounge and dining area dissolves into an impossibly clear infinity pool with a view of the lake beyond. The rooms too invite nature in, with a beautiful semi-outdoor shower that allows you to enjoy the tropical breeze whilst you wash your hair.

Hubby & I were lucky enough to spend a few days relaxing by this pool, practicing yoga facing the sunrise each morning, and being truly pampered by our hosts Herath & Udeni – Sri Lankan hospitality at it's finest! I could write an entirely new blog post just about Udeni's incredible cooking. Each dish was lovingly prepared by her own two hands, from the red rice string hoppers and light carrot curry, to the mung kiri bath (milk rice) and coconut sambol. Over the three nights we stayed, she spoiled us until we almost burst. Good thing we were doing our daily yoga practice, or we might not have fit back into a tuk tuk! After such amazing hospitality, it seemed only right to dub them our second "Sri Lankan Mum & Dad" and vow to return to visit as often as possible.

Take me there...

Kurundu House
Nithulemada Rd, (Off Victoria Golf Club Rd),
Digana, Sri Lanka