Shakti Eats: Cafe Kumbuk

As soon as I walked into the courtyard of Cafe Kumbuk, I felt instantly relaxed – and not just because I knew my hunt for ripe avocado was over! It's a calming space away from the hustle and bustle of Colombo, and it just has that indescribable "vibe" that made me feel at home – must be something to do with the fusion of Australian, European and Sri Lankan influences brought to the space by it's creator, Shana Dandeniya. Or maybe the Shakti just flows over from Prana Lounge next door? 

Born in Australia, brought up in England and having lived in Sri Lanka, Shana's unique 'melting pot' of experiences have helped to shape her very own downtown café-space in the heart of Colombo. And it really is quite unique. I was so delighted to find sanctuary (of both spirit and stomach!) here in Sri Lanka's capital.

Shana described to me the Sri Lankan Kumbuk grove as the perfect place to sit in the shade and daydream and it was in such a magical place that the cafe concept was first imagined. That same sense of dreamy tranquility permeates the space today from the twisted vines adorning the chalkboard to the sunlit garden and whitewashed walls of the building itself.


But let's get to the food, shall we?! Since Sri Lanka is blessed with natural, flavoursome produce, Cafe Kumbuk uses locally sourced ingredients to create honest, wholesome, hearty food. We ordered two smoothies right away – a Detox Greens (yes, with my beloved avocado!) and a Mango, Coconut and Turmeric infusion with toasted coconut flakes on top. Hands down, tastiest smoothie I've had on the island. Sorry mum!

Next up, I couldn't resist a Tex Mex Salad with black beans, yet more perfectly ripe local avocado (I'm obsessed!), tomatoes, coriander and fresh apple for a twist on the classic. All topped with crunchy tortilla crisps. And... the ultimate vegetarian delight – a jackfruit sloppy joe! Oh my goodness! The spicy, sweet and sour flavours of the jackfruit and the sharp bite of the pickles sent our tastebuds dancing. Happy tummies and plant powered good vibes all round.

Needless to say, we're going back for breakfast before we leave Colombo!

Take me there...

Cafe Kumbuk
60 Horton Place,
Colombo, Sri Lanka