Bird of Paradise Bowls


Anyone remember that ABBA song 'Tropical Love Land'? "Ooh ooh ooh, I want to share it with you...", they sang? Well, I want to share my tropical love land with you today, so here it is! I mean, this is a bowl of nature's loving right here – a bowl of pure pink paradise. Okay, so my smoothie bowls are usually just a mixture of whatever fruits I have lying around and, of course, some frozen banana, but to get this pink colour, you gotta get some dragonfruit (pitaya) and raspberries in the mix. So go on with yo' bad self and eat like a jungle goddess!


1 dragonfruit (peeled, diced and frozen)
1 banana (peeled, diced and frozen)
a large handful frozen berries
1/3 cup coconut water

For the toppings
pomegranate arils
edible flowers
banana slices
kiwi chunks
caramelised buckwheat groats


Roughly break up the frozen dragonfruit and banana and place it into the bowl of a food processor or high-powered blender. Add frozen berries and just enough coconut water to blend. Blend until it reaches a soft-serve, sorbet-ish consistency and scoop into bowls. Top with your favourite toppings. Enjoy immediately, you goddess, you! Or... pop it in the freezer until you're ready (but not too long or it will be rock hard).