Shakti Stories: 5 Reasons Men who Love Vegans are the Greatest


Let's face it – we all want to find our 'soulmate' – someone we connect with deeply, who really 'gets' us. Someone that shares our values, supports our beliefs, and helps us reach our goals. A best friend, lover and cheerleader through life's ups and downs. Oh, and someone who shares our sense of humour, loves cooking, travel, and is kind to animals... and is cool with you being a vegan. Okay, that's a unicorn. We're looking for a unicorn. Damn. 

Waiting for the planets to align and magically bring that person into your life can be a major bummer! (That's mine up there, and trust me, girls, he took FOREVER to show up!) Modern women like to get things done, am I right? So when my friend told me about her new brilliant new dating app for vegans, V Love, I got to thinking. I remembered the times I struggled with the problem... when do I tell him I'm a vegan? When do I drop THAT bombshell? And you know what? I have a theory. The man who is cool with it from the start... THAT's your unicorn! Men who love vegans are the greatest. And here's why:

1. They are open-minded

A man who is open to dating a vegan immediately wins points for being open-minded – you know, as opposed to close-minded and stubborn? It's a really attractive quality. It means he's a good listener, and enjoys discussing ideas and theories. He won't knock that mushroom latte or that jackfruit burger without trying it first. Plus, he's likely to be open-minded about a lot of other things too – like your crazy friends, your secret passion for conspiracy theory documentaries, and the fact that you wear your favourite yoga pants EVERY SINGLE day (yeah, I'm a real catch!).

2. They are patient

The man who loves a vegan is a patient man. This is the guy who will happily make the weekend pilgrimage across town to your favourite farmer's market to get vegan mozarella, allow an extra 20 minutes at the supermarket for deciphering labels, and wait while you grill the waiter about the ingredients in your lentil burger (for the hundredth time!). Another excellent quality that spills over into other aspects of your life.

3. They are smart

Men who love vegans are pretty clever. Aside from the obvious GENIUS decision to date a goddess like you, this is an intelligent man who questions things and seeks truth, rather than blindly following. This is no sheep. He understands the political, ethical, socio-economic and environmental reasons for your cause, as well as the physiological ones. And he's always up for a documentary date night. Swoon!

  (above) Mr. Jungle Shakti with a newborn street puppy in Galle. His mum had been hit by a car and crippled, so he insisted we bring them some food to eat. He wanted to adopt them all!

(above) Mr. Jungle Shakti with a newborn street puppy in Galle. His mum had been hit by a car and crippled, so he insisted we bring them some food to eat. He wanted to adopt them all!

4. They are kind

Compassion is a beautiful quality in any human being. To understand, love and support a vegan means that you share their important values of kindness and compassion for all sentient creatures. Men who love vegans are kind to animals – and to you! They are not violent or callous or aggressive. And let's face it, you're going to want to start a rescue farm one day, and you need him to be down with that!

5. They are sexy

Yup! I said it. Plant-based diets make you sexier – and better in the bedroom! The folks at PETA actually made a video so steamy it was banned when they attempted to explain this at the Super Bowl, so it's best you do some online research if you don't believe me. But in short, as Men's Health put it, "junky diets typically lead to heart disease. And men often fail to remember that heart disease doesn’t just affect your ticker – it impacts the blood flow to other areas of the body". Apart from the obvious, that means glowing skin, luscious locks and brighter eyes... AKA sexy!

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