Shakti Eats: My Top 5 Plant-Based Breakfast Spots in Colombo


So, I'm settling into Colombo life and starting to LOVE this city! It really has everything... you just need the time and the patience to hunt down what you're lusting after. And so, I thought I'd write up a little "insiders guide" for anyone who doesn't have the luxury of time (and patience) to track down that which you crave. For me, the first thing I NEEDED to lock down was a good, healthy breakfast spot and a solid plant-based coffee. Morning rituals are my jam. I like to enjoy my breakfast listening to good tunes, writing in my bullet journal and sipping a good coffee. Here's my top 5 spots in Colombo to do just that...


1. Café Kumbuk

Not only can you get a delicious plant-based breakfast at Café Kumbuk, it's also positioned conveniently next door to my favourite yoga spot in Colombo – the beautiful Prana Lounge (more on this later). If that's not enough to tempt you... I have three words: 'Coconut Milk Latte'. Holy moly! When I first tasted this coffee, my eyes rolled back in my head and I looked to the heavens saying a silent little prayer. Hallelujah! Creamy, delicious plant-based coffee come at me! And there's more. There's coconut bread with mango and mint, seriously yummy granola topped with strawberries, banana and starfruit and superfood smoothies for days (peanut butter, cacao nibs and toasted coconut flakes – hells yeah!). Read more about it in this post, or just take my word for it, and get on down there...

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Cafe Kumbuk
60 Horton Place


2. Black Cat Café

What can I say about my darling little Black Cat Café? It has great coffee, that unmistakeable vintage vibe about it and sweet, sweet air-conditioning that makes it one of my favourite places in Colombo to sit with my journal and chill. Also, in the words of Black Cat's creators, bookshops are fun. Vintage book markets are funner. And there's one hidden at the back of this brilliant café to further aid my morning procrastination (sorry, work!) sessions. As for plant-based breakfast options here, soy milk is available for your coffees and granola bowls (when there's not an island-wide shortage!), as well as pancakes, smashed avo on toast, and what I reckon is the BEST fruit platter around! And trust me, I've tried a LOT of fruit platters in this country!

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Black Cat Café
11 Wijerama Mawatha


3. One Up All Day Breakfast

What could be better than waking up in an exotic paradise like Colombo, knowing you can easily pop down to One Up All Day Breakfast and get the kind of coffee you thought you could only have in freezing, gloomy, 'Miserable Melbourne'? Not much, my friends! I love this little breakfast spot dedicated to exactly that – breakfast, and Melbourne-style coffee. Two of my very favourite things! There's one stand-out dish on the menu for all you plant-lovers out there, and that's the bircher muesli bowl with chia, oats and apple... oh, and wait, then there's blueberry pancakes and avocado smash. I'll take one of each, please!

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One Up All Day Breakfast
330 Galle Rd


4. Life Food

Perhaps you caught the latest edition of 'Shakti Eats' where I discovered this pocket-sized healthy hotspot – Life Food. This fresh little café offers a really impressive breakfast menu featuring plenty of options for vegans, vegetarians and anyone of the lean, green persuasion. There's juices, smoothies, granola, avo smash, roasties (think freshly-baked wholewheat toasted sandwiches) and pancakes – all with a healthy twist. Yes, you can also get your GMO-free soy milk fix, and almond milk is on the way. All this, combined with a bright and cheery atmosphere makes Life Food one of my favourite places to enjoy my morning ritual, watch the leaves fluttering across the street, and chat away to Mr. Jungle Shakti.

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Life Food Café
33 Perahera Mawatha

5. Milk & Honey Café

Now, there were a lot of cafés I was considering to finish of this list, but I thought that if this is truly a list of the top PLANT-BASED breakfast spots in Colombo, then there's a café I've heard of through the vegan grapevine. I have yet to go there myself, but I've been told that Milk & Honey Café is the MOST vegan-friendly breakfast spot of all. I've heard tales of green pancakes, spinach wraps and homemade granola. If you get there before me, report back, otherwise... watch this space!

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Milk & Honey Café
44A Horton Place