Shakti Eats: Life Food


They say you should never judge a book by it's cover, but I'm a graphic designer, and if I'm completely honest, I've usually made up my mind about a place by the time I've seen it's logo. Does that make me a terrible design snob?! I guess so! But you have to follow your instincts and the latest discovery on my 'Shakti Food Safari' was no exception.

As I approached the cute little shopfront of Life Food, nestled peacefully on the lakefront of chaotic Colombo, I'd already fallen in love with the concept. There, on the bright green awning, the branches of the 'Tree of Life' greeted me in the café's cleverly designed logo. I had an inkling I was going to like this place... and my instincts were correct. Design IS everything!

The interior of the café is decorated just as beautifully, carrying on the fresh and lively theme with a colour palette of bright greens, mint blues and whites. There are flowers and plants on each table and nice little organic touches everywhere, hinting at the connection between life, food and nature. I was delighted to discover that the whole menu concept revolved around healthy ingredients that nourish body, mind and soul.

There's even an awesome Kangen water filter in the kitchen, providing every customer with alkaline, antioxidant restructured water. In other words, ionized water! Don't even get me started about how good ionized water is for you...


Let's just get to the menu, shall we? First of all... I have two words for you: cauliflower rice. Yes that's what I said! All you paleo and ketogenic fans rejoice. Life Food might just be the ONLY place in Sri Lanka serving a low-carb rice alternative. Colour me excited! It's cheekily called 'Fried Lies' on the menu, so we just had to try it out. After some seriously carb-intense travels around Sri Lanka, these were some 'lies' we were happy to swallow! There's even kale on the menu. Yes, kale!

There was the 'Life Cup' filled with home-made granola, strawberry, banana and mango and the 'Smash Me' to further perpetuate my love affair with avocado – think chunky guac on toast! And, there's a bunch of amazing smoothies (green, fruity and with wholesome oats), pancakes, juices, scrumptious salads and more.

Oh, and the coffee easily rivalled some of our favourites on the island but then... wait for it, because you are going to LOVE this... Life Food offers GMO free soy milk and almond milk very soon. Yup! It's super vegan friendly. 

Take me there...

Life Food Café
33 Perahera Mawatha,
Colombo 00200, Sri Lanka