Shakti Stories: Rediscovering my Path


In another moment of wondrous serendipity (this island was once named Serendip for a reason!), I recently connected with two incredible women from across the ocean. Simone Denny (Simone Denny Wellness) is a Life Coach, Mind Detox Practitioner and Yoga Teacher and Theme Rains (Synthesis Organics) is an Aromatherapist, Herbalist and Psychotherapist. What they don't put on their resumé, however, is that they're essentially a warrior and an angel – the perfect combo – and I'm kinda crushing on them both as I write this! 

One from New Zealand, the other from Australia, Simone and Theme joined forces to create a truly life-changing retreat in the luscious tea fields of Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle – precisely where I, Miss Jungle Shakti, was lucky enough to join the tribe! Together with a sisterhood of incredible women, from all seasons of life, we came together for a transformational journey at Ashburnham Estate, which we later affectionately named "The Womb" – a warm, loving place of creation and (re)birth. You can read a little more about our beautiful venue in this post.


There's a lot I could talk about in this post – our funny bushwalks, the beautiful aromatherapy facials, the delicious superfood smoothies and cakes, the waterfall – but I'm simply going to share with you the clarity I found at the end of this journey. In a way, writing it down here will put it out to the universe, and you can all hold me accountable. Great plan, don't you think?

So... here I was thinking I just needed a break from the city, time to commune with nature and relax my body, but what I didn't expect was the self-reflection I found in the silence AND the companionship of other women, the looking inward, that allowed a quiet voice that I'd been ignoring to break through.

I'm going to lay it all bare here and tell you that, although I arrived feeling quite content and happy (after all, I AM living the dream here in Sri Lanka... aren't I?!), I felt a nagging sensation that I wasn't entirely fulfilling my purpose on this planet. Yes, I'm doing incredible things spreading the plant-based movement here, creating recipes that heal and do no harm. But, those who know me, also know that I'm working long hours in what I call my "muggle job" as a Creative Director. Too often, I put off doing what I truly love and feel called to do, to work on a project for my day job. It's a conundrum, because I'm really quite good at what I do! I have been blessed with the gift of creativity and I take a lot of pride in creating beautiful designs for my clients. You know, I got into graphic design because, as a child, I loved illustrating fantastical children's books about vikings, mermaids and unicorns. But... it just does not fulfil me. At the end of the day, it's advertising. And I'm not making the world a better place.


What DOES fulfil me? Well... channelling Shakti energy, of course! Over the past 7 years, I have discovered that not only through a holistic lifestyle and a diet rich in living, vibrational, plant foods, but through transcendental meditation, yoga and other daily rituals, I can harness the euphoric, healing, creative power of Shakti (the cosmic energy that flows through everything in the universe, and beyond). If that sounds a bit too "out-there" for you, just think of it as alternative medicine or positive thinking. When I used coloured pencils as a child to draw fantasy worlds to transcend my reality, I guess I was really trying to tap into this energy... 

So, what are the next steps for me? Well... just this week I completed my Level 1 Reiki training (what an absolutely psychedelic experience!), and next week I begin my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. This will compliment my Diploma of Nutrition and Holistic Therapies and really give me the skills to teach others how to manifest magic and miracles in their own lives – from healing their bodies to experiencing total transcendental euphoria. Essentially, I'll be able to teach others how to harness Shakti in their own lives!

If you ever get the opportunity to join Simone & Theme on a retreat (and I think they're coming back to Sri Lanka next year!), I cannot recommend it enough! Simone's coaching techniques expertly guide you towards your life's true purpose, whilst Theme's unique abilities seem to awaken your spirit, preparing you for the revelations you are about to experience. All the while, you'll be pampered with luscious food, luxurious accommodation, massages, yoga and more. You won't regret it!

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