Welcome to the Jungle

This is the home of holistic health coach, food stylist and plant-based chef, Nancy Chalmers. I've been experimenting with raw living, plant-based (A.K.A. vegan) whole foods for over 6 years and I believe in the power of nature to heal, restore and beautify our bodies, hearts and minds. This is where you can explore some of the amazing plant-based recipes I've developed over the years and read reviews of healthy, holistic products and places I've discovered along the way.

I'm currently living in Sri Lanka – land of sunshine, smiles, coconut groves, gemstones and leopards. It is a true jungle paradise fit for a food lover, yogi and all-round wild thing. I'll be reporting on my adventures daily on Instagram and sharing with you my 'Shakti Food Safari' where I explore all the best places to EAT and STAY in my little slice of paradise.

Shakti is the primordial cosmic energy that flows through the entire universe, sometimes referred to as 'The Great Divine Mother'. In it's most mysterious and significant form, Kundalini, Shakti is also a powerful psychospiritual force. Whenever we connect with nature, with peace and gratitude in our hearts, I believe we tap into this energy. So get on with yo' bad self and feel that jungle power!

Eat plants. Radiate love. Be a goddess.